Guest Post: Petrol vs. Diesel (here we go again…) By Lakshman

Petrol vs. Diesel, the age old debate

Well, this debate is something which is not new and definitely something which will not end until mankind drinks up the last drop of fuel available and then burps out the bio gas from it….

Which car to buy?? A petrol one which drinks up petrol like a camel or a diesel one which costs around 8-10% more? Well….the answer actually depends on a lot of factors ranging from the kind or driver you are to the type or roads and fuel prices of your country.
But first I guess I should clarify the main difference between petrol and a diesel engine and how they work….yes, this is going to be a little nerdy and geeky but I promise it won’t be long.(Don’t worry, I’m not an engineer)

A petrol engine works by igniting a mixture of petrol and oxygen in its cylinder by a spark plug to move the piston. Imagine a balloon filled with petrol and air and you light stick a lighted match inside it. The whole thing would burst (and if you’re dumb enough to literally try it, so would your hand) and give out energy.

A diesel engine works by compressing the mixture of diesel and oxygen in its cylinder to such an extent that it would ignite. A spark plug is not required in this operation. Imagine another balloon with a mixture of diesel and air and then imagine Buppi Lahiri (or some other fat singer) suddenly sits on top of it. The balloon will explode by the tremendous pressure and will release energy (and will send Buppi to the hospital). This is how a diesel engine works, by compressing the mixture by the piston to ignite the mixture and move the crankshaft.

So hence by understanding how both the engines work, we can say that the diesel engine is more efficient because it does not use a spark plug and uses pressure to ignite the mixture.

Another added advantage of a diesel motor in India is the vast price difference between the prices of petrol and diesel. Petrol is around Rs.63 and diesel Rs.41 (Delhi). Diesel is used for all government transportation and therefore not likely to increase too much in the future compared to petrol. In countries like the US and UK, diesel is more expensive than petrol and hence the choice becomes a little difficult but over here in India, the answer is pretty clear.

I would also like to sum up by saying that people buy a petrol car to enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving. The acceleration is faster and it gives better performance with little service charge. And if your company is paying for your fuel, petrol has to be your choice. But if you live in India, and your car is mainly a transportation used to take you from home to office and office to home, diesel is the way to go. (Otherwise you’ll end up installing a CNG kit in your petrol car which will degrade performance and will take your insurance away aswell)

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