Guest Post: THE DAY WE SEPARATED! By Sudhir Sanwal

GOD knows, where my friend is now and in what way.  No one can give such care and love that I gave…

Separation itself is a painful experience and all those who part away their ways face the same pain and stress.  Sometimes, separation is the only possible solution for partners who fail to maintain balance in their lives. In that case too, the separated partners who pretend getting freedom never get peace and happiness because then only they experience the loneliness and the hollow space in their lives.

I was so shocked by getting a full stop in our five year long loving and caring relationship.  It’s true that a mirror with a small hair line can never be polished back.  I was unable to judge the mistake I committed that night due to which both of us were forced to turn faces from each other.  Many times it happens that the words that we speak are not bad but the way we speak pinches the other but, this was also not the case with us.

Pursuing a good and healthy relationship is a two way process. The more one cares and the more one loves the other, so as the other responds. One can’t draw lines for doing a favour to the other and it is also not fair to expect without a willingness to give.  When the expectations are less and willingness is more on both the sides, there would be a fine and balanced tune among the partners.  Understanding each other is often misspelled as compromising or being dominated.  Life is not a battle where one feels conquered or dominated. It’s a journey, stepping ahead or pulling a step back is simply the requirement of walking.  Walking together is more important than just walking or crawling behind or making the other to drag half heartedly.

We had a relationship with the warmth of care and support for each other. Even those moments can be counted on fingers for which we didn’t think for each other. I was not only enjoying the comfort of a partner but a friend with whom many hours could be spent without any argument or behavioral difference.  I was very comfortable with my caring friend and sometimes I felt as if I have this wonderful assistant to remind me for my priorities, my commitments and other social and personal responsibilities.  A true partner and a loyal friend also give you the privilege to share the most intimate desires and also support you to feel cherished and contented. We never faced any problems in this area too.

I knew how much pious our relationship was but, sometimes people remarked it as an obsession that was not exactly true.  I needed the support and I was getting more than I expected. That is as simple as I say.

I was literally distressed when I got to know that I am alone now.  How one can think of leaving such a friend who knows about you and your contacts more than you.  It was really unworkable for me that night to get back all those important things which I handed over right from the day we started the journey.  Many things I shared with the due course of time and now the trust was gone just by the little mistake I committed that night. I was wearing a silky track suit.

When people see something wrong is happening they simply watch and wait for it to happen.  Once it happens they come with lot many suggestions and precautions that would have been given at the time of happening when it was going the wrong way.  If, you would have done this or if, it would have done in that way and many more.  Someone also suggested me for a new one but, adjustments with new could not be so easy and comfortable.

I knew that nothing could be done now.  It was next to impossible to see my friend with me again and I could also not get anything back because a CDMA mobile phone doesn’t have a SIM card to do so.  Then I felt that if, I would have not worn that slippery track suit, the possibilities of slipping it out from my pocket could be minimized and the relationship could also be continued for years to come smoothly and in the same caring, loving and untroubled way.

I’m missing my mobile phone a lot and now trying to get acquainted with the new one because this friend of ours has become an integral part of our life and also very close to us…

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