Guest Post: The Labyrinth

Maybe it was an intoxication, that flowed within my veins
It has purified me,a cleansing poison!

Maybe it was a fire, my embers a gold of red
Annihilated me,and charred all nil !

Maybe it was lifeblood,so ever dissipated
That heart-wrung tears,are now an ink to doom !

Maybe it was a history,buried alive
Ghosts haunt still,all space and time…

Maybe it was a little cry,once ignored
Deafening silences,now are,to behold.

Maybe it was a tide,that swept along
To a place,where all hope,to long.

Maybe it was a heart,that once all loved
Pricked now,and all too cold..


Maybe it is hope,that now
It can’t be worse ?

Maybe it is love,which lives beyond life !

Maybe it is faith,which shall enliven,like seeds just green!

Maybe it is care,like water to the lips of one anguished from thirst !

Maybe it is to know,like a starry light that guides.

Maybe it is passion,that sustains,when it all conspires .

Maybe it is me,reflecting,on the ‘maybe’ of it……

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