Here’s your chance to win an iPad 2!!!

How many times has it been that we have looked at any advertisement regarding a gadet and wished with all our heart that maybe one day we can lay our hands on one or maybe, even be the proud owner of one?? In my case, it has happened on numerous occasions and trust me, it’s not a very nice feeling. Well,what if I told you that here is the chance for you to gift yourself a brand new iPad 2?!?!

You heard me right….I am talking about an iPad 2! The best tablet on the planet in your hands and the best part is that you won’t even have to spend a dime for it!

Okay, I will just kill the suspense and tell you all about it:

Gameloft has come up with a competion namely “Team up and win”. It’s regarding the game Modern Combat 3:Fallen Nation. The team should be comprise of 5 members only and I have a team of mine which comprises of only 4 members. To help a team win this competition, you have got to vote for that particular team. Now, as I told you, there are four members in our team and we are looking for that fifth member. And that fifth member can be anyone of you!!!!

All you have to do is vote for my team. Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Click on this link…

Step 2: Log in with your facebook account

Step 3: Like the page

Step 4: Our team name is “Innocentsnipers“. Look for it and VOTE for it!





Step 5: You might just win an iPad 2!

This is all that you have to do guys…Also, when you are done voting , PLEASE do not forget to leave your name and email id in the comment section. If we win this competition, we are going to take out a lucky draw and the fifth iPad would be given to the guy whose name comes up!

The last date is 14th November so, take two minutes off your hectic schedule, vote and who knows , you might land yourself with an iPad 2!

13 thoughts on “Here’s your chance to win an iPad 2!!!

  1. voted bro…hope i ll b d lucky1..;)

  2. Voted! All the best folks 🙂

  3. i voted it…… All the best :))!

  4. Prince bhardwaj says:

    I voted it ………all the best :)))

  5. Carl John Gemarino says:

    done voting! wishing you all the best..

  6. voted..!! all the best 🙂

  7. Angelo Carchesio says:

    voted..!! all the best :)

  8. Sarthak Johari says:

    Voted you!!!All the best guys!!! 

  9. Rubesvaran Viyasan says:

    Voted…Hopefully i will be the lucky one…And i deserve it the most among everyone else…The sad part is that i just can’t afford it..Working hard with a low pay…Really want one so badly!!!!!

  10. Voted! Good luck 🙂

  11. Iesha Reindl says:

    I might appreciate to have all of my blocks sewn together for my Mountain Mystery.

  12. Outstandingly educative cheers, I am sure your visitors would possibly want more writing similar to this maintain the excellent function.

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