Hilarious Laws from Around The World!



Okay this post is about the few hilarious laws that do exist around the world and trust me they are hilarious indeed!

We don’t promise that this will be the only part but this is surely the first part. Here are the first top 20 hilarious laws that we came across!

1.In England, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.
Situation: Member of the Parliament is poisoned.
Other members: Throw him out, throw him out!!!!!!

2.In California it is illegal for a vehicle without a driver to exceed 60 miles per hour.

Cop: Sir you were over-speeding. The speed limit is 50 miles per hour.
Driver quickly changes seat to the passenger seat.
Driver: But no one was driving the car officer! It can go up to 60! Mine was just at 50!

3. In California, in 1986, Judge Samuel King became so annoyed with jurors who were absent from a case due to massive rain fall, that he issued a decree which stated “I hereby order that it cease raining by Tuesday.” It stopped raining on Tuesday and California suffered a 5 year drought. 5 year latter in 1991, the very same judge then decreed “Rain shall fall in California beginning February 27th.” On that same day, California suffered the heaviest rainfall in over ten years.
(And I thought all that prophecy in Julius Caesar weren’t true!)

4. North Carolina has made it illegal to swear in front of dead people. (In other words, you are not allowed to say, You c**t you owed me hundred dollars! )

5. In Florida having sexual intercourse with a porcupine is illegal. (certainly no comments on that one!)

6. In Baltimore, Maryland, taking a lion to the cinema is illegal.

Come let’s go and watch Hangover Michael! No wonder who Michael is in the sentence.


7. In Washington, pretending to have wealthy parents is illegal.!
8. In Victoria, Australia, you need a licensed electrician to change a light bulb.
(Wife: Stoppppppppppppp. Dare you touch that bulb. If you do so I am calling the police!)
9. In Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is death by decapitation. (OOPS!)
10. In Afghanistan the Taliban banned women from wearing white socks, for fear men might find them attractive.
This can happen only in Afghanistan!

11. In Singapore chewing gum is illegal.
12. Until 1984 in Belgium, you had to choose your child’s name off a list of 1500.
(What’s on the Name menu officer. What’s your specialty? )
13. In Switzerland, it use to be illegal to slam a car door.
14. In Turkey, it was illegal to drink coffee during the 16th and 17th century. It was punishable by death.
15. In Devon, Texas, it is against the law to make furniture while you are nude.
16. In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is: Death
(No wonder it’s the land of Blondes!) 😉 😛
17. In California it is illegal to set a mouse trap without a hunting license.
18. In the state of Washington, it is illegal to have sex with a virgin under any circumstances. (Including the wedding night)
Possibly the best way I have heard of which can actually help in curbing population. India should have this one!
19. In Florida, it is illegal to fart in a public place after 6 P.M. on Thursdays!
20. In Samoa, it’s a crime to forget your own wife’s birthday!

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