How common is your password?

Of late a number of popular websites accounts are being hacked into and a number of passwords of various user names are being leaked online. Now some of the passwords are a tough nut to crack but there are many people who love to use simplistic passwords, the only reason that we can comprehend for doing so is the ease of remembrance.

In the recent past, LinkedIn was one website whose multiple thousand accounts were hacked into and later revealed online. Now based on the study of these passwords and various other passwords of various websites that have been hacked into and revealed online, there appears to be a consistency in the passwords that many people use. Even if the password is tough to crack, people are servants of habit and use the same one on various different social networking, e-mail and other accounts.

Have you ever wondered how common is your password? Is it the same sequential letters or some alphabets or a combination of both or something that you believe to be secure when it actually isn’t?

Have a look at this infographic that tells you how many people so many common password combinations that can be hacked into using various techniques especially brute force attacks which frankly is the simplest of them all. If your password is too obvious, it will take even a noob (a person who has no skill in a certain subject or a newbie) not more than a minute to crack your password and see whatever you are up to.

Here is the infographic that will surely help you understand how common your password actually is and if there is a need for you to change it.

In the end, we ask you not to comment especially not something like “this is my password. Do you consider it to be safe?” for we have come across such a situation before and it isn’t our own Santa that we are talking about. So keep your password as safe and you can and have a safe online identity even though nothing actually is safe on the web!

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