HTC to make Facebook phone by mid 2013?

Rumours never cease to end in the world of technology and here we are with another one. After having released a couple of phones with dedicated Facebook buttons it appears that HTC is now going to create a Facebook phone altogether. Even though this rumour has been heard a number of times over the past few months but there wasn’t ever an official word and the fact is, there still isn’t an official word but a rumour that was caught on Bloomberg’s twitter account which said HTC will be working on a smart phone for Facebook. If Bloomberg’s sources are to be believed, which, as they claim are the people who are working on the project itself.

At first, the Facebook phone release date was expected to be somewhere in Q4 of this year but Facebook did give HTC time to push the launch and creation of the device to mid 2013. It is also rumoured, just as it was rumoured a few months back that a team of developers at Facebook are also working on creating a new OS for the Facebook phone that will be developed by HTC.

Even though there wasn’t a huge buzz about HTC’s first attempt at selling smart phones with a Facebook tag before. HTC Cha-Cha and HTC Salsa came with dedicated Facebook keys which made reaching the Facebook application or opening the Facebook application on the device simple even though we doubt if not adding the button would have made opening Facebook complicated in any way.

So now that yet another rumour has hit the floor and it is one that relates to a rumour that had hit us a few months back, this might well be the beginning of HTC-Facebook joint venture at creating a device that the 900 million users of Facebook might turn their heads to, some buying it and some letting it pass. Facebook’s OS would be something worth taking a note of. Till we get an official word, they are all rumours to say the least. We will keep you updated with the latest on the Facebook phone if and when there is an official word coming from either end. Keep a check on this space for more.

7 thoughts on “HTC to make Facebook phone by mid 2013?

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