Humans and Hypocrisy!

Okay so let’s begin this post in an entirely different way, the positive way. Let’s begin this by stating the fact of life that no human can or should disagree to. Let’s begin by saying that all humans are hypocrites! Yes, and I am not ashamed of calling myself a hypocrite and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be wrong in calling you one! If you disagree, well, then it’s time we agree to disagree.

Anyhow, today, let’s talk about hypocrisy and how every human being at some point of their life, some more than others, have been a hypocrite at some point. There are going to be a lot of references from a lot of ‘wise’ men and here is the first one, “All humans are hypocrites; the biggest hypocrite of all is the one who claims to detest hypocrisy.” (I wouldn’t reveal the name of the author for I love to refer all of them as wise men!)

So what you might have thought after reading the first paragraph has ultimately proved you a hypocrite in the second! No, I don’t say that you have to agree or follow what the above wise man had to say but what I do believe is there is nothing that changes the fact.

In a world that recently crossed a population of 7 billion human beings (if I remember correctly), everyone of them has an opinion about everything that is in front of them, big, small, personal, professional or anything else, everyone has an opinion. Now even though I would have loved to blame you for having an opinion but that’s not what I want to do out here. What I do want to talk about is why the big mouthed opinion? I don’t blame you for having an opinion but for shouting your opinion in public and ridiculing the person it is about.

Every now and then there is a certain someone who will come up to you and say not to do this and that, and the fact is you do so too! You too have an opinion about everything and you too every now and then stop people or ‘advise’ people, which in this rather egoistic world is taken as an ‘order’ , not to do something or the other. The much BIGGER FACT that we need to address over here is that even though you stop the other person from doing something or you tried to restrain someone from doing something but what’s the reason you did so?

Is it more of a moral thing or an experience thing? Even if it is an experience thing and the thing is wrong for the certain person why restrain him or her from doing it when you yourself did it at some point in your life? Sure, you might want you the person to learn from your experience but I do believe its way better to learn from your own experience for at least one will have the experience of it!

If a poor man wears torn clothes, he is a bagger
If a rich man does the same, is new style

If a poor child studies, he is a book worm
If a rich child does it, its because he is the future leader!

The only thing I want to portray or say over here is that if you can’t restrain yourself from doing it or if you have already done something in the past, you hold no right and no moral high ground on trying to stop anyone else from doing it!

“The more idealistic we are with our principles, the more vulnerable we are to hypocrisy. Should we be less idealistic to avoid being hypocrites, or should we hold onto our ideals, even if we can’t always live up to them?  Not living up to our beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards is not a hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is pretending (and lying to others) to have them when we don’t.” Humans and Hypocrisy indeed!

Maybe above is what sums up everything I want to say! Maybe that is all I want to say!

So the next time you restrain someone from doing something, think twice, for sooner or later it will make you a hypocrite!

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