Infographic — Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Google Nexus 7

Google has finally stepped into the Tab market with its cost-effective-high-specs Nexus 7. The device was revealed a few days back with the latest and greatest OS for any tablet yet — Android “Jellybean” 4.1. The tablet is cheap and yet a high end device in terms of specifications and hardware. With a price of $199, it is totally worth every penny and will certainly give the Amazon Kindle Fire a run for its money. Since the day Nexus 7 was unveiled, it is being compared to the Kindle Fire primarily because of the same price of both the products that appear strikingly similar at first glance. But the reality is clearly depicted in this Infographic:

There is already news regarding the Kindle Fire 2 and it might even give the Nexus 7 a run for its money. But will it offer all of these amazing features at a similar price? That will certainly be an important factor in deciding which is the ultimate Tab Wars Winner.

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