Infographic: Facebook Spam Attacks in 2011

It’s infographic time everyone.

Now that it’s the last week of the year, this infographic basically talks about the facebook attacks that took place in the year gone by.

The fact is, most of us, sometime or the other have fallen for the laid down plot by the hackers/spammers out there who have created and implemented new ideas to fool the users. Now even though if you are a good ‘observer’ you pretty much would have been able to negotiate these threats but well, some of them are too good.

This year, the threats included, video links, catchy titles that compelled the user to click on the link and which eventually spammed the link on the walls of the friends of the user. The big break through, well, for a spammer was that this time they were able to implement this using facebook messages which fooled a number of people out there. 

Here is the infographic:

So next time you see a video with a child/nude girl/fancy title just a bit more careful before clicking on the link. 

The success of spam lies in the fact that the users actually click on the spammers link. One needs to be a bit more ‘intelligent’ as far as ‘clicking’ on stuff put up online especially on facebook is concerned. 

So follow the prevention techniques as described in the infographic above for a better facebook experience.

Here is wishing all of our reader a very Happy New Year. Keep Observing and well, keep facebook-ing (which goes without saying actually) 😉

Enjoy the Holidays.

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