Is Google spoiling your memory?

We do consider Internet or the World Wide Web to be one of the biggest innovations that could have happened to mankind. To simplify the huge commodity, the huge world of the web, Google was erected and thank God for that! I mean, today, the best way to get a quick result to any of your queries is by simply Google-ing. To state a fact, in the past 7 days I have already ended three quarrels about a certain fact (even though I wouldn’t say I won or lost) simply by typing it on Google! That’s how important Google has gone on to become.

But then again everything has it’s down side and certainly so does Google and the internet. Yes, today, a huge number of people, especially teenagers are hooked or addicted to the Internet. They spend 12-14 hours online every day but does that make Internet any less resourceful? I mean it is the same thing as any other sort of addiction. You have to effectively manage it to prevent falling prey or being hooked to it all the time.

Now one thing that did catch our eye was this nifty little infographic that puts up a question- “Is Google spoiling our memory?”

If one does come to think of it, Google in some way is certainly affecting our memory. We are so much into google-ing that we do not understand the need to remember things at all for all the information is right there on Google just a few taps on your keyboard, pressing the search button and you have all the information that you need so why memorize anything at all?

So here is the infographic that talks about the effects of Google on the memory of humans:

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