Is there anything right or wrong?

The question is pretty simple but the answer certainly isn’t. There are a number of people who would say that you always have to take a stand for the right or the wrong but what these people wouldn’t say is what is right and what is wrong.

To me, it certainly is all about your perception and all about what you believe in. I a,m pretty sure most of you would have at least once encountered a situation when taking a stand for the right isn’t the easiest because from where you see it, both the sides aren’t a hundred percent correct but the point is do you stay neutral in such situations or do you still take a stand on one side that you believe or rather chose to believe is right? The dilemma of what is right and what is wrong seldom makes you take several wrong decisions through the course of your life. Of course you make a number of right ones too but that’s not because you chose a side but because of what you did before choosing a side and that is to analyze.

I am a firm believer of the fact that there is nothing known as right or wrong and it purely is about your perspective. It is really important to inculcate neutrality within you. I do not mean that you stop taking a stand for what you believe in . What I mean by neutrality is learning to stay calm focused, understand both the sides of everything and then take a stand. Even though that does not mean the side you chose to be on is right or the side you chose not to believe in is wrong but that certainly gives you some sort of assurance that you aren’t on the wrong end of things.


Consider the simplest of situations, two boys born in the same neighborhood to two families who even though live in the same locality have polar parity in their cultures. It isn’t hard to believe if you are an Indian. There are thousands of localities over here that have cultural differences. Now these two boys play together do almost everything together, fit the definition of brothers from different mothers. Now as they grew up, even though they continued to be the bes t of friends but one of them went on to become a chain smoker while the other never smoked once. The smoker was open about his smoking habit and nobody in is household had any issues with it while the family of the non smoker had since the very beginning taught him to stay away from it. Now does that make the non smoker and his family right while the smoker boy wrong? Even though most of you would reply with a firm yes, there is a reason for you doing so. Human race loves to run on common sense the common normal functioning. If 9 out of 10 agree to something then that thing is certainly right and the perspective of the tenth person who denied doesn’t matter at all?

There are just perspectives and nothing more. Living in a democracy, the law that majority is always right is a fact to avoid. Again, there is nothing right or wrong. Its all about what you believe in. So next time you say that he or she is wrong, understand the person’s perspective of the thing and try to inculcate the law of neutrality for it gives you the clarity of thought and helps you in taking a decision that more often than not will be in accordance to the law of common sense that our human race thrives on. The only thing that I fear is the fact that common sense is not common in common people and yet we survive on with different perspectives and a single right which I fear to say is not always right.

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