Ishaqzaade : Movie Review

Name – Ishaqzaade

Actors- Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra

[xrr rating=2.5/5]


What’s the common link between Yash Raj Films and Bollywood? Love Stories! So the production house with back with yet another romantic flick that forms a pretty average sort of an impression. Yash Raj has given Bollywood amazing love stories in the past, movies that will be remembered by the generation for a long long time. Sadly, Ishaqzaade did show the flair but couldn’t really capitalize on the concept.

Set in a small town named Almore, somewhere in Uttarakhand, between the kids of two warring politicians belonging to different communities. While one is brash and in your face with his arrogance, the other, the only female in a joint family, is the feisty one with ambition to one day win the elections. He is a Hindu, and she a Muslim. He is a ruffian to the core; she has a tough exterior, is intelligent and is not afraid to bite the bullet. It wouldn’t take long for a common man in India to understand where the movie would revolve, The Hindu-Muslim affair, enough to cause havoc in a city!

Coming to the acting, Arjun Kapoor didn’t look as bad as he did in the trailers while Parineeti Chopra confused us. The reason we say that Parineeti Chopra confused us was the fact that through out the first half of the movie she had that constant expression of surprise on her face and it appeared as if the story had been carved in a way that it doesn’t looks wayward but it surely irritate us a bit.  We were close to naming her Kristen Stewart of Bollywood but thankfully she did show a couple of other expressions later in the movie that did make us spare her from the name! She did come close though we can tell you that! Coming to Arjun Kapoor, for a debut film, he has done a descent enough job as an actor, he lacks the looks of an actor though but that isn’t his fault! In the future, he will be much suited to play a negative role much as he did in this one, we wouldn’t reveal much for we don’t want to be a spoiler (even though we wouldn’t recommend you watching this one!) Gauhar Khan has ‘revealed’ quite a bit and we mean it in every sense!

The interactions between the characters are witty and many scenes manage to tickle you because of good direction. However the screenplay staggers a bit, particularly in the second half. With an unexpected twist at the interval, one would have expected the same engaging pace post interval but alas, the story goes haywire – a scenario not uncommon in many Bollywood movies. The problem is the character reactions and actions often leave you a bit confused. The twist at the interval is something that makes you sits up though and arguably the only part when you need to sit up, for the rest of the movie can be  watched at 4 in the morning without having slept for two days straight i.e. you are free to sleep is what I intended. 

The only thing in the movie that kept the intensity up and kept you awake through the movie was the music, the high intensity music was surely a big positive, one can forget about everything else. 

All in All Ishaqzaade had a descent enough concept and a descent enough first half (as far as the story is concerned) but the second half was surely a let down. So much could have been done with it to make Ishaqzaade a masterpiece but all you get in the end is the same old Bollywood Love Story which tries to pull out a twist in the end too but fails to bring about any sort of enthusiasm or any surprise amongst the viewers. We give Ishaqzaade a 2 on 5 from us at Observer’s Paradise. One for music, one for the twist in the first half and .5 for Arjun Kapoor’s descent enough acting. We will recommend you not to watch this one, give it a pass, listen to the music instead!

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