Justice for Women In India – Sign the petition!

We have entered the 21st century and yet the mentality continues to be the same as it used to be a century ago!

The recent event that took place in Guwahati, where a teenage girl was molested by a group of 11 men on the streets is shocking to say the least. Here is the news coverage of the story:

 Five days after a teenage girl was stripped and groped by a group of men for more than half-an-hour on a busy road, police have yet to nab all the accused. So far, only four of the 11 men have been nabbed! The 17-year-old was with another girl when she left the Club Mint on the busy GS Road at about 9.30 pm on Monday. She was looking for an auto, when the men accosted her. The other girl managed to escape.

The video of the molestation went viral online on youtube and ever since all the news channels and the authorities started looking into the matter. Even though the Home Minister, the Chief Minister of the state have stepped in but the fact that only four out of the herd have been caught is alarming.

The only reason for the herd to strip off the teenager was because of the kind of clothes that she was wearing. If in a free country you aren’t even free enough to wear what you want then what’s the point of freedom at all?

The reason that such things happen in our country is because there is no sort of fear whatsoever for there aren’t sever laws to be afraid of!

Today, in our effort to support Justice for Women in our own country we ask you all to sign this petition to support Justice for Women.

Here is the page to signing the petition:


It’s about time that gender equality is exercised in every small part of this vast nation and bring about a sense of fear within the people before they think about molesting someone! We aren’t sure where this movement is headed but your signature certainly might help in bringing about a change, a change for the betterment of the society and in turn our very own nation! Sign the  petition!

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