Know everything that you have ever searched on Google!

Know everything that you have ever searched on Google!

Ever wondered how many search queries you have ever done on Google? We aren’t sure that this will work for you or not but you can certainly give it a try.

Call it a threat to your privacy or a way of keeping whatever you have ever searched in a single place for future use even though we certainly didn’t find it much helpful but it did give us the shock of our life by showing us the number of queries we have searched and the number of them that have been done on a daily basis. One thing that it confirmed was the fact that a life without Google is more or less impossible at the moment.

To know what all you have searched in the past, open your browser and head over to Log in using your Google or Gmail credentials. Now, for the tool to work, your web search history should be enabled, if it isn’t, you wouldn’t really be able to see anything but it will give you the option to enable web history. If you are worried that enabling it is a threat to your privacy, keep it off lest if you want to know what all you search from now on to the future, you can turn it on and come back after a few days to see how much you use Google and how many queries you search for every single day. If you are lucky enough (as we would say) or stupid enough (as a person concerned about privacy would say) your search history would already be on and you will be able to see date wise what all you have searched in the past ever since you logged in and enabled web history. For those of you for whom it was already turned on, you can as well delete your entire web history and disable the tool too.

Even though we too believe this tool to be a threat to our privacy but it certainly revealed a lot of information, about everything that we searched and knowing it gave some sort of a satisfaction. To state the stats, we have done 59,654 searches on Google in the past 4 years which brings an average of 41 searches per day which pretty much explains how hooked we are to Google. So head over to the above link and see what all you have searched in the past.

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