The Last Good Bye

The Last Good Bye

I still remember the first time I saw you,
I still remember the first time I noticed you,
And it amazes me how ever since,
The time has flew.

I still remember the expression,
The expression that drew me towards you.
The eyes that spoke a thousand words,
The lips that said none.

The eyes that had so much pain,
While the lips broke into a smile.
The face that left me awestruck,
The face that could make people redefine perfection!

That was one moment
And then there is one today,
That the above said all,
Appears too good to be true.

I wouldn’t say I fell in love with you,
The first time we met,
But that surely was the beginning,
To an amazing journey that I will never forget.

When we first met,
The way you smiled,
Made me feel set,
Made me go wild.

You made me feel alive,
Your sweet smile,
You made me happy,
And so did I aptly.

We had a lot of fun,
When we were together.
I’ll never forget,
I’ll always remember.

The laughs that we shared,
The dreams that we had.
Some that did come true,
And others that we couldn’t pursue.

You understood me,
The way no one ever could.
And I have my fair share of doubts,
That anyone ever would.

I knew it and you knew it too,
It had to end.
For the good or the bad,
That only time can tell.

Things happen, People meet,
Share amazing time together and move on.
Maybe that’s our end of way too,
But I will never regret for how we were once upon.

So here I am,
Thanking you for all the wonderful memories,
For all the things that we shared,
For all the moments when you cared.

So as I say my last goodbye
I want you to know
That I’m trying my best
To learn to just let go

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