Lee calls it a day!

The bastmen around the world would be heaving a huge sigh of relief now that they would see less of Brett Lee charging down the pitch and throwing venomous deliveries with extraordinary pace at them.

The Australian fast bowler has decided to quit international cricket once and for all. His career, which spanned for over 13 years, was ravaged by injuries which would have been the primary cause behind this decision of his.

The first time I took a glance at Lee was way back in 2000 when he was throwing shivers down the spine of the batsmen with his raw, genuine pace. A fast bowler of his quality was rare at that time and his only competitor was perhaps, Shoaib Akhtar. Along with Warne and Mcgrath, he had formed the formidable triumvirate on which the team depended on.

Being Australia’s fourth highest wicket taker in test cricket, Lee hold the record of bowling the second fastest delivery clocked at 99.9.miles per hour in Napier in 2005. Apart from this sporting side of his, he has an artistic side to him. He shot to fame in Bollywood with his album, You’re the One for me and had the privilege of singing alongside India’s gem,  Asha Bhosle. He played bass and acoustic guitar for the rock band Six and Out alongside other New South Wales cricketers. His passion for music and the game always gave him the push to come out of his comfort zone. Bowling regularly at 150 km/hr can take it’s toll on anybody.

What this means for Australia is that they have lost another vital part from their already depleting resources. The whitewash in England and now the news of Lee retiring would mean more gloomy faces in the board. Bowlers like Lee cannot be produced everyday. They are born with a talent that is unmatched. Pace and accuracy make a deadly quality and Lee was blessed with it.

The cricketing world will miss you, Brett Lee.

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