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Hi people, its been such a long time, don’t you think ? Blast exams, they made sure I didn’t talk to a lot of people, including you guys. But there was something really fascinating about what I have been doing. In my second year as a literature student, I’m reading drama, something intrinsically different from my first year where we largely analysed novels and short-stories, with a touch of poetry. Last night, I was reading some of Robert Browning’s Dramatic Monologues and was thinking about the major aspects in which drama and linear narratives are distinct from each other.

My fascination with drama largely rests on the use of rhetoric and other narrative strategies in the dialogic project. Not going into more fastidious and technical elements of drama as we’re reading it in the degree course.(I don’t wanna do it right now, I need a break)  I wanted to share an observation I made while reading the plays from various time periods. The ‘observation’ is not something I claim to be exclusively ascertained by me. It is something that we see, or rather hear everyday. It is the use of rhetoric or rather persuasion techniques. It is an art, the art of eloquence.

A friend of mine describes the real art of conversation as ”not saying the wittiest, most humorous things to show off one’s repartee at a party, but to abstain from falling into the temptation of saying the wrong thing at the provocative moment”. A few personal experiences, being the impetuous person that I am, have demonstrated this theory pretty bluntly for me. We have been tutored since childhood on how the words that have once left our speech, cannot be taken back, and have irrevocable effects. Sometimes, the real art of rhetoric works to navigate this difficult, windy sea.

The best orators of all times can brainwash or manipulate the most stubborn of people, and to study this is fairly interesting. I mean, don’t we all have some of those friends who totally turn the tide their way by virtue of their grandiloquence ?! Personally, I always take what  people say with a pinch of salt, but yes, sometimes, you so badly get swayed away by the verbosity of those capable of big-talking! Even being cynical doesn’t help with this lot. 

Because they’ll emphasize on your being skeptical and anyway maneuver you into believing them. And trust me, monstrous this can get! I know of a joker breaking up with his girlfriend because   of his friends having succeeded to talk him into believing it. And yes, the line between involvement and interference is understood by quite a few.

What I have lately realized is that the good old rule of listening to all, hearing a few and retaining only the worthy works the best, in this noisy world.

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