List of Google’s failed products!

Even though Google is one of the biggest and the one of the most innovative technology company that has ever been formed but list of Google’s failed products isn’t short either.

Surely Google gave us the search engine that we can’t survive without, it gave us the E-Mail client that we use everyday, it gave us innovative technologies and the new big thing is currently a work in progress in the form of Google Project Glass. Then there are the webmaster tools, Google analytics, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Youtube, Picasa and a number of others too. Now even though most of these tools are household names for people who know about technology, there are a number of other products that were developed by Google and vanished without much response from the user end. The failure of many of these products can not be about poor user experience for not a lot of users were attracted to any of them. We are pretty sure when we give you the list, you too will be unaware of a couple of them if not more.

To give you a sneak peek, the list has a total of thirteen Google products that failed to create a mark at the user end!

So here is the infographic that gives you the details of the products that were created by Google but failed to bring about any sort of excitement or draw the users towards them.

Here is the infographic:

Even though the infographic says that Google Buzz is still active but it has already been taken down by Google a few months back. Google’s failed products are a classic example that anything is possible in the world of the web. The users don’t choose the products as per the company building it but as per the user experience the product provides. Even though Google has strung the right chords most of the times as far as user experience is concerned but they too have failed a number of times. We sure are eagerly waiting for Google’s Project Glass to come to life!

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