Microsoft Revamps Hotmail to

Microsoft is riding high on it’s new Operating System i.e. Windows 8 which is being loved by many who have used it so far. Windows 8 is being loved specially for it’s new Metro UI and the functionality that it provides. Ever since the developer release of Windows 8 came out and Windows Phone 7 came out, Microsoft has gone about making changes to its other services as well. The latest addition to the list is Hotmail. Microsoft has revamped Hotmail completely and have shifted it completely to Most of you would recall Outlook or Microsoft Outlook as the desktop email application that came along with the version of Windows OS you are using. The application is widely used and loved too.

As for Hotmail, we weren’t too big a fan. Given the functionality and everything that Gmail has, we didn’t really care to look any other way to handle our emails even though for the initial years we didn’t really have an option other than Hotmail. Even though Hotmail has a market share of 36% with around 324 million hotmail users, no changes being made to it certainly led to users shifting over to Gmail.

Coming to the revamp, Outlook, former Hotmail, certainly looks way better than it did before. The User Interface has been given the Metro look, which as stated, is the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 User Interface. The new look given to Hotmail or Outlook is certainly soothing to the eye and the presence of it’s social integration is something that might be useful to many Hotmail users. I am no Hotmail fan but from a neutral perspective, the new look given to Hotmail or Outlook is certainly having a look at and something that almost all Hotmail users would enjoy! The Facebook integration is something that could give people who connect Facebook to Outlook an edge for they will be able to have more information on Facebook than the rest of the users. Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. That explains it all!

The upgrade is supposed to be rolled out to Hotmail’s mobile based or rather smart phone based application i.e. Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices. How effective this move would be remains to be seen but Outlook certainly looks better than Hotmail and given that the specific purpose for doing so is to make it look integrated in Metro UI explains the whole point of the update. I still don’t see myself moving towards Outlook or Hotmail but a Hotmail loyalist is certainly going to love this move and the revamped user interface!

One glitch or rather a compatibility flaw that we did encounter was that even though the short cut key to compose a new mail/message is ctrl+n, doing so on Google Chrome, opened a new Google Chrome window rather than creating a new message. Maybe that works just on Internet Explorer as of now but as you might have guessed, I am no IE fan either! Anyhow, to all the Hotmail users, cherish the update. Enjoy!

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