Mobile Gaming Facts and Figures!

In the last few days, we have done  lot of posts on mobile games, especially game reviews for the three most interesting mobile OS platforms i.e. iOS, Android and the recently developed or rather the one which has been recently on the rise i.e. Windows Phone 7. 

A few days ago, a certain gentleman was kind enough to ask us a question to which all we could do was laugh and yet we didn’t have a valid proof to go along with it. He asked us that (keep in mind that we are Indians), “Fine there are millions of applications and games to download in Google Play and the App Store. We all love free games but do people actually buy the paid games that are available?” 

The only answer that we could give him was, “90% of the Indian Population that do use smart phones with these platforms don’t. The 10% do but that too is the rarest of rare occasion.” He refused to believe that people around the world did download the paid applications. So today, here we are with an infographic which aptly fits the situation and reveals the facts and figures of mobile gaming. 

Here is the infographic:

Mobile gaming surely is one of the biggest business market at the moment for the way technology is progressing and the way smart phones are being sold and bought, millions of them in a day, mobile gaming is the new big thing in the technological era. Game Developers surely are respected around the globe for the nifty little things that they have developed. On the other hand, they are hated as much by the parents of today’s generation for all they are doing is sitting in front of the small little device, tapping on it and playing one of those addictive games. 

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