Mobile Security – What mobile developers don’t tell you!

 Ever since 2007, when the first iPhone was released, a number of companies have come up with different operating systems but Android and iPhone surely are the strongest two. Android being open source, has been used by many major companies to develop their own version of the OS.

The number of smartphone users have gone up drastically especially in the last couple of years. Hundred of thousands Android device are activated every day and Apple has been surely the strongest smart phone competitor, the king so to say but was dethroned this year by Samsung or rather Android devices.

Even though smartphone technology be it Android or Apple’s iOS is amazing for the users but it’s a known fact that there are certain security loopholes that are being used by companies to extract usage data of the user. Not that it isn’t possible for Apple and Google to shut out these security loop holes but the fact is they don’t want to! Based on research from the most recent Unisys Security Index report, Unisysfound that business users are accessing critical corporate data via unprotected means such as public wifi and utilizing simple passwords. In addition, an increasing number of people are accessing their employers’ business applications using their personal devices.

Given the number of devices that exist and given the dependency of the users on these devices of late it is really important to understand the security measures that one needs to take to prevent data theft from the device.

Today, we will show you an infographic that’s title Mobile Security Mayhem and talks about ways to prevent data theft from your smartphone device.

Here is the infographic:

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