Movie Review:The Descendants

George Clooney is certainly one of the finest actors of the contemporary age.After having glorified his career with movies like Up in the Air, The Three kings, he added another prized performance in his pocket by the playing the role of disturbed human being,looking to sort out his affairs in “The Descendants”.

Mathew King(George Clooney) is in a fix. His wife is in coma after suffering a head injury and he is left to take care of his two daughters who seem to have turned stargers to him over the years. Apart from inheriting a stingy character from his father, he is also been left as the sole trustee of a land that has been passed over in his family for generations. All his cousins.including Matt, plan on selling the land and making an enormous profit that would help them live an opulence life after that. Meanwhile, Matt learns that his wife was cheating on him with a guy called Brian Speer and was even comtemplating divorce. Here he is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. He knows that his wife is going to the reach the abode of God pretty soon but a part of him feels satisfied that he would not have to deal with her if she were to recover. He is appalled when he finds out that Speer is the guy who is going to be incharge of the land once Matt decides to sell it. After contemplating for a while and coming to terms with the facts, Matt decides to call the whole family together and organizes one final farewell for his wife. He even asks Speer to come visit her but the latter refuses to abide by.As far as the question of the land goes, Matt refuses to sell it altogether. During this entire roller coaster, Matt once again strikes a chord with daughters that connects them with a strong bond.

To start off with, kudos to the director(Alexander Payne) for choosing Hawaii as the location. The entire movie showcased the much talked about laidback life that people lead in that beautiful piece of land. The fact that Matt, who is a lawyer, goes to work wearing a hoola shirt and shorts is a perfect example of that. Each scene has been shot so immaculately that you cannot help but fall in love with those islands.

The film deals with human imperfections and how we often tend to choose the easy way out instead of confronting the problem infront of us. There is a scene where Matt shows his two daughters the piece of land that they were about to shun from their legacy and one can sense that he is not fully committed in doing it. Howvever,he cannot proclaim that since he was the one who had initiated the idea of the selling the priceless property.

George Clooney deservedly got the Golden Globe award for his performance. Age seems to be getting on to the veteran but that hasn’t deterred his acting skills one little bit. Shailene Woodley(Alexandra King) plays the role of a disobedient spoilt daughter quite convincingly.

If you are looking for a fairly light and a pleasant movie, then this is the one to go for!

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