My Irrational Love

My Irrational Love

If only I could tell you,
How I really feel,
Maybe things would be different,
And your heart I could steal.

You appear in the tranquil covering of the night,
I can see you all around,
I can feel your charm and beauty,
But I cannot hear a sound.

I see your Eyes so dark,
Your Heart so pure.
I could never love another,
The way I loved you for sure.

Gleam in your eyes,
Like a candle’s flame.
I love when I hear you,
Call out my name.

Skin so soft, Soul on fire
You fill me with, Complete desire.
The way you move, The way you look,
One glance at you, Was all it took.

Nobody ever had the effect,
That you had on me.
The heart skipping a beat,
Never once able to set you free.

It doesn’t mean I can never try,
when tears come out as I cry,
My tears build a memory lane,
I keep walking, just to meet you again.

Since the moment we are apart,
I live with an empty and hollow heart,
My heart may not make it through,
But I just can’t stop loving you.

The irrationality of my love,
Lies in what I just said,
I know you wouldn’t consider this to be true,
But I just can’t stop loving you.

Life is strange,
Emotions more so.
The irrationality will continue,
While the love will never cease to grow.

I am done trying to set you free,
I am done trying being someone that I am not,
I am done trying to switch off my emotions,
I am done trying living like a robot.

My memories, wild as the sea,
Closed up. They can never be free.
You can I never, ever forget,
From my first breath we met.

Being what we were isn’t an option anymore,
But Forever you would remain in my heart
As an ‘Epitome of Love’-
My Epitome of Irrational Love.

4 thoughts on “My Irrational Love

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