Nexus 7 vs New ipad

Hello everyone. Today we bring you the biggest comparisons of this year, comparison that answers some questions which are probably on every mind. Is Nexus 7 better than the new ipad? Should you buy Nexus 7 or the new ipad? So without wasting any more time, let’s check them out.

1. Form factor and design

Where the new ipad has a classier look with its 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm body design, Nexus 7 is a bit chunkier with 198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm and is definitely not as good as ipad when it comes to design and build quality. In terms of weight, Nexus 7 is the lighter of the two weighing 340g while the new ipad weighs 652g. Although many will argue that this was the best Google could do considering Nexus 7’s pricing, to be fair we’ll go with ipad when it comes to design.

Winner- new ipad

2. Display

The new ipad has a 9.7inch screen with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels generating a mammoth 264ppi. Nexus 7’s 7 inch display with a resolution1280x800 generates a decent 216ppi but is no match to the ipad. There is a clear difference in contrast and sharpness between the two and one can say that ipad’s display is the best a tablet can have, at least at this point of time.

Winner- new ipad

3. User Interface (UI)

Both new ipad and Nexus 7 are very different when it comes to UI. Where Apple believes in simplicity, it simply doesn’t allow user to customize the tablet according to its need. For us a good UI is one which can be customized and Android devices are best at this. Nexus 7’s UI is slick, minimalist and beats the new ipad at every frontier. The subtle changes in Jelly Bean have definitely paid off and it makes Nexus 7 easy to use and customize.

Winner- Nexus 7

4. Processor and power

The new ipad has a dual core A5X chip with quad core graphics. There is no apparent lag when it comes to running apps and games. Nexus 7 has a quad core Tegra 3 chip with ULP GeForce GPU, thanks to all the power under the hood, Nexus 7 can handle anything and everything without breaking a sweat. Both the devices are equipped with sufficient processing power and its hard to pick between them.

Winner – Tie

5. Battery Life

Both tablets claim to provide 10 hours of tablet experience, but when it comes to real world, the display on ipad 3 sucks much more battery than its rival Nexus 7. Overall, Nexus 7 has a bit better battery life, although it has a quad core processor. The retina display on the new ipad is brilliant but it is a real battery sucker.

Winner – Nexus 7

6. Pricing and value for money

The new ipad is priced at 16GB wi-fi version for $499 whereas Nexus 7 is priced at half of the new ipad at $249 for 16GB and $199 for 8GB. Unlike the ipad, there are no versions on Nexus 7 that support  3G/4G or with more storage options like 32/64 GB.

At this pricing Nexus 7 is hands down the best tablet in the market and there’s no reason you should pay twice to get the new ipad. The display and design might be a bit better on the ipad but it takes extra $250 from your pocket. Nexus 7 can do everything which the new ipad could do and save you $ 250 too.

Overall Winner- Nexus 7

There’s no reason to overlook Nexus 7 if you’re buying a new tablet. At $249, it is the best deal in the market and something that challenges the supremacy of Apple’s ipad.

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