Nexus S- Official ICS update is out!

According to a note posted by the Android team on Google+, the Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich rollout will begin on December 16 and continue “over the coming month.” Google says the rollout will reach all GSM/UMTS Nexus S devices worldwide; thus far, nothing has been said about upgrade timing for the CDMA version of the phone (i.e. the Nexus S 4G on Sprint).

Here are the changes that you will see and the instructions as given by Google:


If you’re already using Google+, make sure Sync contacts is turned on, so that recent posts from your friends and other details get integrated with the new People app. To do so, open Google+, touch the Menu button  at the bottom of your phone, and then Settings. Scroll down to make sure Sync contacts is checked.

App upgrades

You may need to upgrade some apps:

  • To use Adobe Flash with Android 4.0, first upgrade it to the latest version.
  • You may need to upgrade some of your other apps before they’ll work with Android 4.0.
  • To connect your phone to a Mac via USB, first install the Android File Transfer app on your Mac. To do so, go to

Home screens 

If you’re upgrading to Android 4.0 from Gingerbread (Android 2.3), note the following changes in the way the Android 4.0 Home screens work:

Action Android 2.3 Android 4.0
Change wallpaper. Touch Menu > Wallpaper. Touch & hold an empty location on a Home screen, or touchMenu > Wallpaper.
Add a widget to the Home screen Touch & hold an empty location on a Home screen, or touchMenu > Add.

On any Home screen, touch the All Apps icon . Then touch the Widgets tab and touch & hold a widget.

Scroll through your apps or widgets Swipe up or down. Swipe left or right.
View recent apps Touch & hold the Home button. Icons for recent apps appear. Touch & hold the Home button. Icons and thumbnails for recent apps appear.
View or edit your contacts Open the Contacts app. Open the People app, which provides improved integration with Gmail, Email, Google+, and other apps.
Create folders Touch & hold an empty location on the Home screen, and go toFolders > Select folder. Drag and drop apps, contacts, and more on top of each other to create a new folder.

Lock screen

The way the lock screen works has changed. To answer an incoming call, drag the lock icon to the right. For more details, see Answer or divert calls.


Android 4.0 includes many new features, most of which are described in other Help topics. Note especially the use of left-right swipes. For example, you can swipe sideways to:

  • Dismiss notifications.
  • Dismiss recent app thumbnails.
  • Move forward or backward through email messages in your Inbox.
  • Check recent Google+ posts from the People app.


You can now easily capture screenshots directly on your phone: press Power and Volume (Down)simultaneously. The screenshot is saved automatically, and the Screenshot icon appears in your notification menu. Touch the notification to view your screenshot in Gallery.

Okay that’s pretty much about the update.

Here is a video that we made after having ported our Nexus S to ICS at the time it came out!

The video isn’t clean but will give you a feel of what the upgraded OS offers!

Here is the video:

So if you have a Nexus S, it’s time to get the latest version of Android and start playing with it!

Have the Ice Cream Sandwich NOW!

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