Nokia announces 808 PureView with 41MP Camera Sensor!

No, it’s not a typo that you are looking for or expecting. Nokia 808 PureView has a 41MP (Mega Pixel) Camera Sensor. To admit, we too were looking for or rather accepted it to be a fact that there is a typo with the presenters but well, a fact is a fact, 808 PureView does have a 41MP camera!

Like most high-end Nokia phones, the Lumia 808 uses Carl Ziess optics and a new pixel oversampling technology. You don’t necessarily need to use all 41 pixels in your photos; you can switch between standard resolutions like 2/3, 5, and 8-megapixels. The heavy weight sensor will allow the smartphone to shoot high-detail images at standard 5 and 8 megapixel resolutions while still providing the super clarity of large 38 megapixel images that users can crop down as needed. The high-resolution sensor also means that the phone can record 1080p HD video with 4x digital zoom with no loss of detail.

True that clicking an image with a 38MP camera which actually is your phone is nothing short of amazing but the fact that uploading the images over a 3G or a 2G network, anywhere will take nothing short of an eternity.

Coming to the other worth noting specifications of the device, The 808 PureView also has Dolby Digital Plus, so you can watch movies in surround sound.It would run a 1.3 GHz single-core processor along with 512 MB of RAM. The 808 PureView will also sport 16GB of on-board memory that is expandable using a microSD card.

The only downside to the device or rather the BIGGEST downside to the device is that it runs on Symbian rather than Windows Phone 7, the OS Nokia’s Lumia products are running on and the reason that users are getting attracted towards Nokia yet again. But given that it runs a Symbian OS, it gets a straight ‘no go’ tag from me.

The device is to be launched in May 2012 as per Nokia. If you are someone who wants to buy a camera which has the capability of a phone, you can go for this one but if you are looking for a good smartphone device, well, we all know how ‘smart’ Symbian OS is. So if you are searching for a good smartphone we will recommend you to look at the amazing products launched by HTC especially HTC One series. We will be covering them soon. Keep a check on this space for the same.

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