Oh Siri Y U No Understand Me?

Siri has to be one of the most best innovations that Apple came up with given that their new range of devices (The New iPad and iPhone 4S) didn’t arouse any sort of interest for us, apart from Siri of course in iPhone 4S. Apple fan boys and girls would say otherwise though but still that’s how we see it. Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X certainly come above iPhone in our list. Anyhow, talking about the only big and exciting innovation that Apple did come up with, your own personal virtual assistant- Siri certainly made people buy iPhone 4S but apart from people in the US, Europe, a person who belongs to Asia who bought iPhone 4S more or less hated the innovation so much so that some of them didn’t use it at all, of course, after a couple of tries and getting “Sorry, I couldn’t understand” and if and when the ‘most learned virtual assistant’ did understand something, it was completely different than what was said with similar pronunciation though.

The frustration of people was so much so that a person filed a suit against Apple alleging them that Siri doesn’t perform the way it is being advertised everywhere. Of course, the reason for it is the difficulty that Siri has in understand the pronunciation, the diction of people from various parts of the world. For a person living in India or China, the English accent is totally different and hence the difficulty for Siri in understanding what it is being asked to do.

Ever since the controversy picked up gear an online educational portal took statistics from around the Web and researches to come up with a nifty little infographic that sheds light on the topic ‘Siri, Why don’t you understand me’ or in our words ‘Oh Siri Y U No Understand Me?’

The infographic has been made by OnlineDegrees.com

So how does Siri respond to you? Does it recognize everything that you say or want Siri to do perfectly? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Here is the infographic:

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