Olympics over the years!

So The London Olympics are up and running with a number of controversies hovering over a wide variety of sporting events. Someone is losing a medal in the final seconds while some others are sure to win it from the very beginning. Some are being disqualified even after winning while others are just about making their way through struggling at every challenge thrown in their path. That’s how the history of the Olympics has been and London Games haven’t been any different. There have been a few slip ups too and some astonishing victories and on the other hand some astonishing losses as well.

Even though China is doing what it does best – churning out gold after gold, our nation certainly has shown signs of improvement this time round. They certainly surprised me for sure.

If you have ever wondered what Olympics is all about and wanted to dig deeper to know the roots and everything else about it, well, you have reached the right spot. Today, here we are with an infographic that talks about the various aspects of the game and how the game have developed over the years. A number of sports have been added to the Olympics while a couple of them have dropped out as well. Olympics over the years talks about all of it and also gives you the detailed medal tally i.e. all the medals that have ever been won by any nation in Olympics ever!

Here is the infographic- ‘Olympics over the years’ :

So how is your nation doing at the London Summer Games? Happy with them? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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