One on One with the DJ

Good morning folks.. It’s a very special day today. I am here siting with the rhythm guitarist of the band pravah that you have heard so much about and given your love and support to. Here is get candid with achint as he answers some twisted questions

So achint, what is your role in the band?
Arpit, thanks for the love and support from u and the people why have been with us from the beginning. Primarily, I am the rhythm guitarist and the backing vocalist. Apart from that I play the keyboard and sometimes photoshop the bands photos.

Wonderful achint, what so since when have you been so associated with music?
Well.. When I was 6 I started learning the synthesizer. Learned it for about 7 years and put it to use when I first formed my band named bass trigger. After completing 12th I picked up the guitar played random shit got frustrated but then I finally used help from YouTube and learned the basics.  since the the passion,zeal and love for music has been the driving force for me to play for Pravah.

So you were an early starter achint, that is great to hear, and tell me about your heroes and people who you followed and idolise?
My idol isn‘t anyone unknown. My uncle used to play the synthesizer and I was inspired by his skill. So since then I’ve been keen in learning anything and everything about music. But lately many bands namely Metallica, iron maiden, wolfmother and jal have been my fuel.

But achint, all these are western, and for us Indian listeners give me some Indian names.
Indian bands have always had that Desi touch which mesmerizes me. Bands like raeth, jal, indian ocean and workshop have always been my favorite.

Wonderful, and Indian Ocean has been a favorite of mine too. So we shall close for today achint, but we would continue in the next exclusive, but before we go, tell our readers twn songs they must listen to till we meet again.

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