Osmos HD : App Review

Name: Osmos HD

Platform: Android

Cost: 2.99$


So we are back with yet another app review and yet another application that is based on laws of Physics. Today, we are reviewing Osmos HD.

Osmos HD is a simplistic game as far as the concept is concerned but the implementation of the game is something that is rather difficult and we mean the implementation at the player end not the developer end.

Speaking of the concept of Osmos HD, “Absorb or be Absorbed.” and that’s where the story ends but the fun begins! In Osmos HD you become an oval or a circular shaped organism, we will call it a nucleus and your objective is to become the largest and you achieve so by absorbing smaller organisms or nucleus. This would have looked ever so simple had the movement been by means of a gyroscope or moving the device but the only way to move your organism or nucleus is by ejecting a part of your organism i.e. in order to propel yourself you should eject a part of your organism and doing so will in turn decrease your size hence you have to be careful about ejecting. Talking about the physics part, Osmos HD is necessarily based on Newton’s third law of motion which says “To every action, there is equal and opposite reaction” and over here, to propel you eject mass in the opposite direction and make your organism move. As you move you can absorb other organisms and grow your size. If you hit an organism which is larger in size than you are, you are absorbed and the game ends. Phew! Who says playing games is an easy task!

Speaking of the graphics of the game, Osmos HD certainly keeps up the value of HD and makes you want to play it. There is nothing as far as the graphics of the game are concerned that needs any sort of change. The soundtrack too goes along with the game and makes you get lost in the complex solar systems that have been so wonderfully designed by the developers. Each level has something new to offer and that something new is certainly a challenge that will keep you hooked to it till the time you have successfully completed the level which, believe us, will take more than a couple of tries. That to us is certainly the best part of this game – the challenge that it offers!

Osmos HD is divided into two game modes – Odyssey and Arcade both having a number of challenging levels to offer which certainly will keep you hooked and make you feel the physics of the universe to say the least!

Another amazing feature of Osmos HD is the dynamic time warping that the game has. This allows you to speed up the game which increases the difficulty in achieving the level’s objective for the organisms around are moving way more quickly which might get too much to handle. You can slow down the speed as well which decreases the difficulty to a certain extent for you can move your organism a bit better without the hassle of striking a larger close by organism.

To be really frank, even though Rovio with it’s Angry Birds and Amazing Alex has kept many a users hooked, Osmos HD is one of the most challenging games that we have ever come across and that’s exactly what makes it better than Angry Birds or any other Physics based game.

All in all, as stated above, Osmos HD has everything that will keep you hooked and it might even frustrate you a few times when you are unable to complete a level but it will surely keep you engrossed. There isn’t anything that we could spot in the game that could go down as a negative. Osmos HD is physics game perfection that a person with an intellect would love to play. We give Osmos HD a perfect 5/5 from us at Observer’s Paradise and a big thumbs up to the developers- “Hemisphere Games”. Worth spending your 3$ on this one!

You can download Osmos HD from the Google Play store here.

Software Name
Osmos HD
Operating System
iOS, Android
$ 2.99

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