We talk we share,
and there isn’t a limit layer.
It can be about the east or the west
everything said and heard with full zest.

There are moments when you are down and out,
ready to hide yourself in a hole you dug out
and that’s the moment when you need the dose
which brings the sadness to a sooner close.

Pacifiers are what we truly are,
In a world that is truly ours.

Nobody gets to see it
Nobody gets to know of it,
And nobody needs to either
For this is something so neatly knit.

We have a tendency,
To block people out,
Especially at those moments,
When all that the heart wants to do is shout.

The understanding that exists,
And the comfort level too,
Sometimes a little scary,
But makes you want to spill the truth.

People have emotions, People share feelings,
We certainly do the same.
But above all of this what we share is a bond
Of which I am ever so fond.

Irrespective of everything said above,
How exaggerated It might sound,
The fact that all of it is true,
Brings about a feeling of joy that tends to linger around.

Writing this to you,
Might give you a different sense altogether,
But I believe you will always know,
Talking to you is what I love and doing so is always a pleasure..

I have said this already,
But I will say it again.
Pacifiers are what we truly are,
In a world that is truly ours.

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