The Xperia Studio Experience!

xperia Today we are here to share with you something which is more than amazing and doing something similar will be more than just an experience of a lifetime! No, we aren’t going to talk about yoga and stuff like that, we are going to talk about pure technology! We are talking about something which certainly […] Continue reading →

452 languages, same words, different meanings!

indic_languages_final2 The number of individual languages listed for India is 452. Of those, 438 are living languages and 14 have no known speakers.!   This post is most definitely not for the people who speak any of those 14 languages! 😛       As per the topic of the post, we are supposed to talk […] Continue reading →

Google Doodle : Happy Children’s Day

childrens-day-india Search giant Google celebrates the birthday of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, Celebrated in India as Children’s Day. Clicking on the doodle will lead to a search results page on Children’s day India, including the history about Pt Jawaharlal Nehru and How Children Day is celebrated in India. The doodle celebrating Children’s Day is the creation of  a Class Three […] Continue reading →

You turn every dream into a certain reality!

love It’s been long, Since I wrote for you, But my love for you, Still is true. Words never do justice, They never have, To express my love for you, And yet here I am giving it yet another try! Don’t blame me, For my lack of words, For when you occupy the mind, The reality […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Songs: U2

u2 Okay, After a set of top10 songs posted by Sarthak, we are here with the 2nd set of top 10 songs as promised. When it comes to a band like U2, its not difficult to choose 10 best songs, it actually impossible to cut down the list to 10. So we will definitely miss out […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Missing Childhood by Anonymous

missedchildhood I miss the time when innocence was in my soul, I think of those moments when I made accidental foul. I cherish the time when my night fable had cindrella, I feel the time when in rain I didn’t use umbrella.             I want the time back when Dooradarshan was my entertainment             I […] Continue reading →

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu dhabi So, we’re 2 race away from the end of the 2011 Formula 1 season, and the 2nd last race of the season is probably on one of the best circuit. Vettel has already won the championship this year, and that too with a huge margin. He’s going to race to make some new records, while […] Continue reading →