Silent Love

There’s a bond between me and you layered with silence, But all our thoughts collide with violence. I’m not too sure whether it’s right or wrong,  But life I know will still go on. If my heart decides what it feels for you, I wont fear  say it before you do. Maybe I don’t realize […] Continue reading →

Artist of the week : Simple Plan

Simple Plan Hola!!­­­­ Today is Monday and we have another great band in our artist of the week section. Last week we brought you a Pop-punk band from the US, this week we have their neighbors, Simple Plan from Canada. To be honest, Simple Plan is my favorite Pop-Punk band because almost all their songs are amazing […] Continue reading →

Ramblings of the Nocturnal By Sameera Mehta

guest post  I’m missing you. What should i do? Sleep eludes me. What should i do? Is staring at walls the answer? But the answer raises many important questions. Is life all about death? Is death the answer to life? Pessimism is catching. But it also kills. Is death so bad? As the optimist will tell you. […] Continue reading →

Anger Management

When you want to punch someone in the face,And you don’t know who that someone is,It’s anger that you are going through,A feeling full of piss.Then two situations arise,One is to hurt self,And the other is to seek someone’s help.Help to take the anger out on him or her,And calm yourself down,Then to make the […] Continue reading →

I’ll neva want you to be next to me..

I’ll neva want you to be next to me.. Don’t give me a life of success and fame, Give me the one, where I have an aim . Don’t give me a hand which will never leave me to whine, Instead give me a hand that will always hold mine. Don’t tell the clouds to […] Continue reading →

Chrome Extensions to make your Google+ Experience Better

So today we  are here to share with you some of the google plus extensions for Google Chrome.  They sure will make your G+ experience better.  1. G+ me for Google Plus Features: 1. Notification status visible at all times 2. Collapsible posts & comments 3. Real-time comment count on collapsed items 4. Mark posts […] Continue reading →

Finally,India win a match!

1303-virat Finally, India has managed to win a match during their stay at England. Post their disastrous and humiliating 4-0 defeat against England, it’s time to gear up for the ODIs.And thankfully, India has some practice matches before, which would allow some of it’s players to get into the ODI mode. Virat Kohli was the star […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Songs of All Time low

All Time Low Hola!Sunday is here and we are here with the top 10 songs of all time low.  As stated earlier All Time Low is a pop punk band from US and there songs are pretty catchy. As usual these are my favorite and a lot of people would love to add their own favorites in this […] Continue reading →