Pinterest for Android : App Review

It’s been just a couple of weeks since the official Pinterest application was released both on iPad (iOS) and Android platform. The application saw millions of downloads in the first couple of days of its launch as the users of the worlds largest pin board were finally happy to receive the much awaited official application.

Even though Facebook and Twitter are supposed to be or rather are the biggest names when it comes to social networking, Pinterest has it’s fair share of followers that love it and use it day in day out. Apart from being a hit amongst the end user, bloggers too love it for the amount of traffic it redirects to their websites.

The users of Pinterest had to wait quite some while for the application to hit the Android market or the Google Play store and now that the application finally has arrived, it has certainly impressed many of its users for the application, more so like the website is user friendly with enough options that will let you pin easily on to the various boards that you have created.

Now Pinterest is more or less an interesting and an easy way of sharing content and pinning things on to various boards and the Unique Selling Property of the website as far as we are concerned lies in the ease and the user friendly interface that the website has. The Android application of Pinterest is no different. It lets you easily pin your content on to your pin boards while allowing you to explore through the pins of others easily.

Exploring pins on various topics is the basic idea of pinterest and the applications lets you do that easily and swiftly which makes the application all the better.

You can explore the pins that you have posted along with the pins of the people you are following effectively. Here is the screenshot of the same:

Another good thing about the application is that it being more of a content discovery or in it’s language, a pin discovering website, it lets you explore content regarding various topics and this too can be done pretty easily using the application. You can choose a category for which you want to take a look at the pins and explore right through.

Now this is something that we particularly liked for it made our life a hell lot easier and at the same time helped us in discovering good amount of content on the topic that we were looking for.

Finally and most importantly, pinning is pretty easy too. All you got to do is create a new pin, select an image through the camera or from the gallery, select the board you want to pin it on and it’s done!

Pinterest application also allows you to pin a video from Youtube directly or from the web by adding a Pin button to the sharing dialog box. That certainly is going to make us pin a lot more!

All in all, for those users who have been using Pinterest on their desktops or laptops, the application is surely a must have while it might not appeal to someone who is new to Pinterest.

You can download Pinterest for Android from the Google Play Store here.

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