Pinterest vs Facebook!

Facebook has been around for quite some while now and has been target by bloggers around the globe to drive traffic to their websites/blogs. Even though it is a social network it can pretty much be termed as a major part of content discovery as well. It works in a simple enough way. A user reads a post on a certain website, he likes it and shares the link on his Facebook profile. His friends take a look at the link and the chain follows. Even though it isn’t the stumble upon way of content discovery but Facebook surely helps drive a lot of traffic to websites.

Pinterest on the other hand is fairly new but it has blossomed ever since it first came to the scene last year. Even though it still is an invite only system, pinterest sure has a number of users who love to create Pinboards and love to share content from different blogs and put them all up in a single place. Pinterest is rightly called the world’s largest pinboard and now it surely is a huge part of content discovery. In a recent report it was found that pinterest drives more traffic to blogs around the globe than Facebook! Even though Facebook’s prime genre isn’t about driving traffic to websites but for a certain blogger, both Facebook and Pinterest are important!

Today, we present to you an infographic that compares Facebook and Pinterest (Facebook vs Pinterest). The comparison drawn by talks about the social commerce of the two social networking/content discovery giants.

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