Politics Eating The Country!

Everyone would be aware of the midnight drama in Rajya Sabha over the Lokpal Bill a few days back. The pre-planned & well executed political drama put an end to dreams of thousands of Common Indian people till the next Budget session. It shattered the efforts of a 74 year old man, who dreamt of a corruption free India. Congress made full efforts to show that it wanted to pass the weak corruption promoting bill whereas BJP cited it’s shortcomings. BSP & SP didn’t vote during the Loksabha session to favour Congress and TMK voted in favour of Congress. Thus, the Bill gets passed from Loksabha but at the expense of Rahul Gandhi’s dream. Suddenly, BSP & SP wakes up on 29 Dec,2011 & promises not to walk out this time, keeping in view the coming UP elections & knowing well in advance that the situation wouldn’t even reach to voting this time. TMK an ally of Congress changes it’s mind within a day and decides to vote against the Congress proposed bill. One of the members of TMK justified its decision by saying that “this happens in politics”. A member of RJD, Rajneeti Prasad makes mockery of the whole Parliament by tearing the Lokpal Bill. He didn’t tear the bill but the fortunes of common poor people. Lalu Yadav, head of RJD Party & owner of Rs 26000 crores black money in Swiss banks, supports his colleague. He raises the demand of ‘Reservation or Aarakshan’ in Lokpal.

 Now, I quote a question raised to Lalu Yadav about Reservation during his interview recently-

Journalist to Lalu Yadav: Don’t you think that instead of Caste, Reservation should be according to earning of a man ( suggests everyone earning below Rs 500/month should be reserved)?

 Lalu Yadav to Journalist: Even if, Reservation is made according to earning of a man, then also, these           poor fellows can’t even afford the reserved seats to them. So, why to waste reserved seats on them!!!

 Lalu’s ill thoughts infilled a lot of anger in me. We are expecting a strong lokpal from those who are themselves indulged in corruption from top to bottom. It isn’t only Lalu, but even our former late PM Rajiv Gandhi leads the politicians by holding maximum amount of black money in Swiss bank. Even a MP like Suresh Kalmadi, who is behind the bars holds Rs 5000 crores in Swiss banks. When people like  P Chidambaram, a prime accused in 2G spectrum; Kapil Sibbal, Rahul Gandhi, a person detained by FBI & accused of holding fraud degrees etc  are involved in drafting a bill in public opinion, we can ourselves imagine what kind of a bill will be drafted. These politicians are given financial assistance during elections by superstars of corporate world. In return, these corporate gurus are given illegal licenses & clearances of their projects from Ministry. The Congress as well as the politicians from other parties well know the fact that once a strong Lokpal comes into being, they will soon join Kanimodi, Raja & Kalmadi’s behind the bars.

 I haven’t pointed out the common man class, which itself is playing a major role in the corruption chain. I personally think that it’s not the people who do bad things but it’s the environment which makes them adopt such means to survive in that environment. This is the reason why Delhi Metro is a fair & praised service whereas Indian Railways is always criticised, though both are government projects. So, I agree upon the fact that it’s an uphill task to pick even 50 honest people from a country of 121 crore people, but we can create an environment such that there is no room for corruption at any level.

 This talk is of no value, as according to our politicians, laws are made in the Parliament. Though, I can’t pass a bill or make a law, but as a concerned citizen of India will keep writing what I feel, as the same constitution gives me this right. I want to remind my leaders that those in power will not always be in power, other’s will get their chance too & it will be up to them to make their chance count. We have to keep a faith in you as trust is the uttermost pillar of a strong Democracy. 

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