Okay so we at OP have spoken of the humor part of life, the serious part of life, about the gen x, discussed a bit of technology with verish coming up with some app reviews and Gaurav with Motorola Xoom’s review and Xoom against iPad, then Aniket came up with his sad but touching poems and a couple of stories. Then we posted a few short films which were touching as well as had an underlying message and needed to be told and shared. Then we became activists in order to support Anna Hazare in his recent fight against corruption and for the lokpal bill. Now we think, what’s next? Then it struck us that there is one certain thing known as ‘music’ which we haven’t covered as yet!


So here we are to discuss music with you people. We actually were compelled to write about music because we came across this wonderful band who need to be told of and promoted amongst the music lovers and for others to make them music lovers!
So here we present to you PRAVAH a band which is based in Delhi. Their Genre is “Rock, psychedelic rock, alt rock, soft rock”
Soon we are going to make a separate page for the band so for any further information about the band, about their demo song, about the band members and everything about them head over to the page which you see in the title bar at the top of the page or you can go to the page directly by clicking here
Do check them out because they are real good!

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