Reasons for unfollowing people on twitter.

Reasons for unfollowing people on twitter.

Twitter is by far the biggest social networking website at the moment. It not only is a social networking website but to a great extent a huge way of keeping updated as well as social discovery. Have you ever had a sudden surge in your twitter followers or a sudden fall? Ever wondered why a number of people have unfollowed you?

Now, even though there can be a number of reasons for someone to unfollow you but the most common few, the reasons we too have unfollowed a number of people are as follows:

  • Twitter Spammers : People who overshare! There are a few people we came across who have tweeted such intricate details of everything .The tweet that we were waiting for but didn’t really come across would have been ‘Just pooped. It weighed 95 grams. Feel fresh!’
  • Twitter Silence: These are the people who belong to exactly the opposite category, people who have a twitter account and yet haven’t been active for a long time. Why follow someone who has nothing to say, right?
  • Self-Boasters or self-promoters: Now this to an extent is bearable but if every tweet that the person posts is about promotion of something, which in today’s materialistic world is more or less about their own self, it is time to press the unfollow button
  • Twitter Sellers: This is the category I certainly hate the most. These are the people who all of a sudden have started selling male organ enlargement (I am pretty sure you get what I mean) pills or devices. Given that we aren’t interested in buying any of it, the unfollow along with pressing the ‘report spam’ button appears apt.

There are a number of other reasons for people to unfollow you or other people in general. Here is an infographic that talks about the top reasons that people give to unfollow someone.

Here is the infographic ‘Reasons for unfollowing people on twitter’

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