Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 revealed : First look and more!

Samsung has brought about a revolution as far as smart phone devices are concerned and this is pretty much evident with the humungous rise in their market share! The most recent one, Samsung Galaxy SIII certainly turned a number of heads and is one of the most loved and critically acclaimed device at the moment. Devices like Samsung Galaxy SII and Samsung Galaxy Note are the ones that certainly gave Samsung a foothold in the smartphone arena.

A couple of days back Samsung, on it’s youtube channel unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Here is the video that Samsung Mobile uploaded which is more of a demo video of what Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is capable of:

The first look of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 certainly looks impressive with a number of features that can become a Unique Selling Property. The multitasking i.e. using two applications at once is something that we are certainly waiting to try our hands on. I personally never liked Samsung Galaxy Note for it was too huge to be a phone and too small to be a tablet but people at Samsung claimed it to be both and many users called it ‘phablet’ but I certainly didn’t like it for it’s dimensions and certainly for the full of lag TouchWiz interface.

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 on board, it certainly is a let down for Jelly Bean on this would have been so much better to begin with. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 still is impressive for finally it has the dimensions of a standard tablet and all the features that the previous Samsung Galaxy Note had. How the device actually performs with everything that it has remains to be seen but Samsung surely are coming up with a number of good things that is certainly taking the company forward and in the right direction as well!

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