Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming on August 29

We have been tracking Samsung’s next Galaxy Note for a while and we are pleased to bring you the news that Samsung will be coming out with Galaxy Note 2 on the 29th of August. Samsung will hold a media event at Berlin to announce Galaxy Note 2. The original Galaxy Note was a star device for Samsung and they will be hoping to better their sales with Galaxy Note 2. There are a lot of rumors about the specs of Galaxy Note 2, we will be bringing you the ones which are almost certain.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to sport a 5.5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280×720. Although Galaxy Note 2 will be 0.2 inches bigger in display than the previous Galaxy Note, the device will have a similar size, thanks to the reduced bezel size. The display is expected to be same as Galaxy S3, i.e. Super AMOLED HD.

In terms of processing power, we are expecting Galaxy Note 2 to rock the same quad-core Exynos 4412 chip found in the Galaxy S3, however Samsung might overclock it to 1.6 GHz. Samsung might bump up the RAM to 2 GB like it did in the Korean version of Galaxy S3.

Note 2 will be rocking the same 8MP camera found on the Galaxy S3 with improved software functionality. Although the next version of Android, i.e. Jelly Bean is out, Galaxy Note 2 will be coming running Android 4.0.4, Ice cream Sandwich out of the box. The Jelly Bean update is inevitable but the timing is something that remains unknown.

Overall, the next generation Galaxy Note promises to be bigger and better and all we can do is to wait for August 29, when Samsung will come out with Galaxy Note 2.

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