Samsung Galaxy S III: Pricing and release date in India

Samsung recently announced Galaxy S III in london and all eyes are now set upon when people can get their hands on the device itself. Galaxy S III is nothing short of a brilliant Android smartphone and Samsung already announced that it will be hitting the European markets on 29th May. So when do expect the phone in India?

Well, Samsung Galaxy S III will be coming to India in the first week of June. Samsung has already said that India is in the first set of countries which will be getting the Galaxy S III. Unlike Apple, Samsung is making sure that it launches its product in India without a significant delay. It also has something to do with the fact that Samsung has one of its manufacturing factories in India and sale of smartphones in India has seen a big hike in the past few years.

The pricing on the Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to be around Rs 34000 mark. It will prove to be a stiff competition for HTC’s quad core flagship phone, One X.

Galaxy S III has a 4.8 inch Super Amoled HD screen with a resolution of 1280×720. It has a quad core processor with 1GB RAM. The phone runs on Android’s latest version Ice-cream Sandwich. It has the new improved Nature UX TouchWiz UI and some very cool features like Svoice, Splanner, Sbeam, Wi-fi direct and Wireless charging. 

The device will have 3 variants, 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB and we think the Rs 34000 price tag is for the base model with 16 GB storage. All three models will only differ in storage.

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Given that HTC One X is the other hot property at the moment as far as smart phone market is concerned hence we did a nifty little comparison between the two. HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S III can be read here.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S III: Pricing and release date in India

  1. Rohit Goli says:

    I dont think so it would be 34000/- No…
    It would be around 36000/-
    Its just an assumption .. but yes if it would be 34000/- then HTC is gonna get tough time..
    Best of Samsung

    • Official words are it will be around the 34k mark for the base model of 16GB and price will be as high as 38k fr 64 GB model. But yes, nothing is confirmed until the product launch. 

      The rates depend on city to city and retailer to retailer, like the One X is 36k online and 34.7K at retail shops in Delhi. So you will see a price difference in both online retailers and dealers. 

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