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Samsung was successful in getting the better of Apple last year with Galaxy S II and Samsung looks to continue its streak with its latest offering Galaxy S III. Has Samsung produced another winner with Galaxy S III? Let’s check it out in our review of the latest Samsung Galaxy S III.

Let’s begin with the specs.

Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8 inch display with a resolution of 1280×720 with a pixel density of 306 ppi. It has an Exynos Quad-core CPU @1.4 GHz based on Cortex-A9 along with Mali-400 MP GPU. It has 1 GB of RAM. The device is running Android 4.0 and comes in three storage options 16/32/64 GB. The phone is running Samsung’s latest skin TouchWiz Nature UX. The phone is 8.6mm thin and weighs about 133 gms.

Samsung has tweaked it’s TouchWiz UI for the latest version in the Galaxy series. We were pretty much impressed with Samsung’s latest offering in the UI department. To be honest the UI on Galaxy S II was nothing short of ugly but Samsung has completely redesigned their UI and it feels fresh, slick and much better than the one on Galaxy S II. Overall we were more than happy with the UI. It may not as good as Sense 4.0 or Sony’s UXP NXT, but it’ll do the job and is far more responsive than the above mentioned UIs.


The 4.8 inch screen makes messaging on the phone a very easy task. Typing on the phone is swift and the screen is very responsive. Browsing on the phone is easily the best browsing experience on a smartphone. Although we recommend chrome for Android, the browser on Galaxy S III is at par with Chrome for Android and you don’t need to replace it. Text rendering is impressive and there is no lag while browsing or zooming pages, thanks to the quad core processor present in the phone.


Samsung’s Galaxy S III comes with features like S-voice and smart stay. We don’t know if we actually need voice assistants on our phones or if they have any real use in our life but it’s good to have a voice assistant. S-voice is definitely not as refined as Siri, but it has much more functionality than Apple’s Siri. You can use it to open apps, unlock the screen and search the web. So if you’re feeling lazy, S-voice is the answer.

Smart stay is something which we pretty excited while using the phone. This feature tracks your eyes using a sensor in the front and makes sure the phone is awake while you are looking at it. It’s a handy feature and works 8 times out of 10, at least in our case.

The 4.8 inch HD screen makes sure that you get an amazing experience while watching videos. Although it is a pentile Amoled display, Galaxy S III has different setting to reduce saturation levels. The display may not be as good as Xperia S and HTC One X, but you won’t notice the difference with a naked eye. It’s still a pretty awesome display. The phone easily manages to play 1080p videos without any lag, something which only a few phones manage to do.

The 8MP camera sensor on the back is probably the same as Galaxy S II but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good camera phone. Samsung has tweaked the camera software and the phone manages to do a very good job in the camera department. It too has burst mode like the One X along with 0 shutter lag. The phone can record 1080p HD videos @30 fps and we were happy to see no drops in frame rate like the HTC One X. The front facing camera @ 1.9 MP can also shoot video at 720p like most other high end smartphones in the market.


The 2100 mAh battery is a winner and manages to power the phone for a full day. The battery life is definitely better than HTC One X, Xperia S and the iphone 4S. Although we would love other companies to do a Droid Razr Maxx, forget about the thickness and put a stellar 3300 mAh battery inside their smartphones, we were pretty much satisfied with the battery life of Galaxy S III.  You will easily get 7-8 hours of video playback and 4-5 hours of gaming on the phone.

The phone has NFC in the form of S beam. Although there isn’t that much use of NFC yet in the market, it is good to know the phone is future proof.

If you are the guy who is always running short of memory, you’ll probably love this phone. The phone comes with 3 storage options 16/32/64 GB and if that is not enough for you then you can add a Micro SD card upto 64 GB in the phone. If you’re still not happy, Samsung offers you additional 50 GB storage on dropbox. In short, there’s a lot of space for your photos, music and videos.

So, is Galaxy S III the best smartphone in the market? Is it better than HTC One X?

Judging the device on the overall performance, we have to say that Galaxy S III is indeed the smartest smartphone in the market. It does have its shortcomings and the One X is better than S III when it comes to the display and built quality but S III as a package is a better device. There’s not a lot to differentiate these two devices as there is no difference between the real world performances of both these devices. Although there has been a lot of argument over the internet about the sub standard built quality of Galaxy S III, it doesn’t feel cheap in the hand and believe us when we say this, because we too were very disappointed with the built quality initially.

We will give it 4.5 on 5, had the display been non-pentile and the built quality been like the One X, we would have given it 5.  If budget is not in your list of issues, you should go for Samsung Galaxy S III and we are sure you won’t regret the decision. One X on the other hand is in no wonder nothing short of brilliance, but if you’re looking for the ultimate, S III is the word.

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