Sanity returns to Facebook’s Android Application!

Last week was a huge one for people at Facebook, for the owner at least. Mark Zuckerberg got Facebook’s IPO listed, got married bought another company and finally, brought back some sanity to the gone berserk Android application. 

Facebook’s Android application had enraged a number of users worldwide and that list surely included us. The reason, we already spoke of in an earlier post here.

The gist of the post being the inclusion of two annoying app icons to your app drawer along with the default Facebook icon. These two icons were Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera. The fact that Facebook messenger icon appeared even if you had already downloaded facebook messenger stand alone application earlier i.e. duplication made it all the more irritating. 

Finally, after almost two weeks hating our own app drawer for duplication of icons and the presence of unnecessary icons in the app drawer, some sanity has finally returned to the Facebook’s Android Application. Facebook, in it’s latest update withdrew the two extra icons that it had bundled in along with the default Facebook icon. 

Even though Facebook’s application for Android continues to receive bad reviews from many of its users, some believe it to be extremely slow, others have loading issues and so on and so forth, in the recent updates, Facebook surely has taken steps that has made the application a lot more responsive and smoother to use. Facebook’s android application has surely come a long way ever since it’s first release but there still is a long way to go for the application. 

Maybe someday they will decide to listen to what the user expects them to do and work on the application accordingly. Till then, the removal of both the extra icons has surely made us happy more than anything else! Finally, a remedial step by facebook on something at least!

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