Ship of Theseus!

Now you may all be wondering why, we at OP have, out of the blue, have added a new entry on our page reading Ship of Theseus. Actually, it’s a film which has been chosen to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival and also, that someone close to us is a part of it.

From reliable sources, it’s been said that this film is one of  the best that Indian cinema has had to offer yet. The release date for the film in India is reportedly around late September or October and till then we will keep you updated with all the news circulating around it.

This is director’s Anand Gandhi directorial debut which also stars Aida-El-Kashef, Sohum Shah,Neeraj Kabi,Vinay Shukla and Sameer Khurana. So first things first, I will provide you with a synopsis of the movie.

Synopsis- If the parts of a ship are replaced, bit-by-bit, is it still the same ship?

An unusual photographer, celebrated for her intuitive work, successfully captures the essence of her experience in her photography. However, she also struggles with insecurities over authorship in the context of larger questions about subjectivity and intent in art. An erudite monk, who is an ideologue and practitioner of non-violence, and involved in animal rights activism, is forced to make a choice between death and medicine – medicine that is either derived from, or tested on animals. As death closes in, he re-questions all the ideas that he has always taken for granted. A young stockbroker has a frictional relationship with his grandmother, whom he nurses in a hospital. When it is discovered that a neighbouring patient has had his kidney stolen, he starts out on a trail that leads him to a kidney tourism racket. Altruism and concern leads him to confront the recipient of the kidney, eventually making him discover how intricate morality could be. Following the separate strands of their philosophical journeys, and their eventual convergence, Ship of Theseus explores questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death.


When I said that Ship of Theseus is receiving compliments from many in the industry, I wasn’t kidding. It was screened under “work in progress category” at Film Bazaar last December in Goa where, Derek Malcolm, one of the most senior and respected critic of the world obliged on rendering his thoughts on the movie. According to unofficial sources, Derek Malcolm said that this film would change the way Indian films are looked at worldwide and how Indian films would be made in future.

From the Hindi film industry Shekhar Kapoor tweeted that @shekharkapur “Finally a brilliant new filmmaker emerges in Anand Gandhi with ‘Ship of Theseus’.”

Anurag Kashyap, too did not fight to keep him emotions in check when he tweeted  @ankash1009 –
“Just saw an extraordinary film.probably the most brilliant film 2 have been made in India in decades.puts all of us to Anand Gandhi”

What’s more is that Forbes Magazine listed it in it’s top five films for 2012.

Listening to all of this has certainly increased my eagerness exponentially! This is one movie I am really looking forward to!

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