Short Film of the Week: The Bloody Game II Trailer

We have given you amazing short films in the past and so we are back with yet another interesting flick for you only this time, we aren’t going to present to you the entire film but just the trailer that we stumbled upon a couple of hours ago. The Bloody Game II is the second short film in the series.


The story revolves around four gangsters Raj , Vicky , Aman and Pash. Four of them are friends for life and have been so for quite some while. Aman loves Tania and proposes her for marriage but as one would expect, a gangster never ever had a simple love story. Tania loves her the same just that she wants him to be on the right side of things, to lead a life the right way. There is nothing in the world that can change a person than love for a girl.  Tania is able to convince Aman to leave the life that had nothing but death in the end, running away from the cops and leading a life in fear. He meets up with his gang members and after a lot of discussion and a number of quarrels he is finally able to convince all of them to lead a life on the right path leaving the past behind. But there always is a twist involved, what that is, remains to be seen!

So here is the trailer of the short film

The Bloody Game II trailer:

Like it? Eh?

The short film will be released soon. Keep a check on this space for the final short film The Bloody Game II.

In the mean while, here is the first part of The Bloody Game series. Enjoy:

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