Sprinkle : App review

Platform: Android

Cost: 2.99$


Sprinkle is yet another high definition game that is available for the android platform and has a lot to offer. The purpose of the game is to operate a water sprinkling machine with the objective of sprinkling the water on the areas that have caught fire. There are predefined locations in each level that are on fire which are dangerously close to the houses nearby. The main objective of the game is to close down the fire before any of the houses catch fire and before your tanker or sprinkler of water is empty.

There are a number of interesting levels that will pretty much keep you hooked for each level brings along a new concept at each level while progressively increasing the difficulty.

The gameplay of sprinkle is pretty smooth and soothing to the eye. We didn’t come across lag of any sort or any sort of force close issues while playing the game. We did have a problem in moving or rather giving angle to the sprinkler gun. That is one thing in the game that could have been made a little more simpler for adjusting to it certainly wastes some crucial time. The graphics of the game, even though look simplistic, are pretty good. The sprinkling of water from the sprinkler brings about a realistic feel.

The scoring in sprinkle is on the basis of amount of water that has been used up in blowing out the fire. You are provided with a certain amount of water and you should be able to blow out the fire at different locations using minimum amount of it to get maximum stars i.e. five stars while consuming all of it without being able to blow out the fire fails the level.

Another complaint that we have with the game is the fact that even if all the fire has been blown out or washed out you tend to misinterpret if any more water is required. We would have liked the game better if the water sprinkler would automatically stop leaking out water as soon as the fire is washed out for this might certainly harm your score and convert a four star rating to a three star rating. This is a minor issue of course but still we would have liked the game better had the scoring system got some spontaneity.

Everything else about the game is good and overall sprinkle surely is a good way of killing some time. We give sprinklers a good 4/5 from us at Observers Paradise.

Sprinkle can be downloaded from the google play store here.

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Android, iOS
$ 2.99

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