Straight from the centre court

So the match between Jo Wilfred Tsonga and Novak Djokovic is still on and is into the fourth set now with Djokovic leading two sets to one with Tsonga battling it out in the third set saving two match points in the tie breaker.

The third set was as entertaining as it could get. Both of them were flying from one part to another fighting for each point and if you are one of those who is watching the match you really are having a treat.

I was pretty much intrigued when this match was set up given that Djokovic has lost just a match this year whereas Tsonga is on a high after defeating Federer in the quarter final coming back from two sets down to take the match with absolutely perfect three sets. To me as of now the match is living to it’s expectations even though as of now the fourth set seems to belong to Djokovic with three love up.

Will the history repeat itself?

Will Tsonga live up to his expectations as a giant killer?

That remains to be seen.

Watch this space for more once the match is over!!

UPDATE so the match has finally come to a close with Djokovic winning in the fourth set. The score line was 7-6 6-2 6-7 6-3
The match sure lived up to the expectation and maybe even much more than that. All I wanted was the both of them to play five sets and suffer but both of them had suffered enough in the four sets that they played.
All in all a wonderful game of tennis. Three hours of pure fun and exceptional tennis.

Let’s wait and watch who wins the second semi final. The world number one or the crowds number one.

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