SwiftKey X – The best keyboard for your Android!

App Name: SwiftKey X

Are you someone who is frustrated for your Android Keyboard can’t keep up with your typing speed i.e. frustrated with the lag while typing on your Android? Are you someone who believe that the stock Android Keyboard for our device is too small for your fingers? Well, SwiftKey X is most definitely the apt solution for you!

SwiftKey X is the virtual keyboard that replaces your default stock keyboard or which so ever keyboard you have enabled on your device and replaces it with a nifty looking ‘always at work’ SwiftKey X keyboard. Why we say ‘always at work’, well, because it works on Artificial intelligence and learns the way you type, the words you frequently use and once done, the suggestions are apt and is more amazing that it sounds. To understand what we are talking about, here is a video from the developer of SwiftKey X :


Now even though one tends to believe them but the AI most definitely takes a lot of time to understand what the user might say next for there are thousands of permutations and combinations that a person can use hence it is almost impossible to get the predictions right every single time but SwiftKey X does gets it right twice or thrice out of ten times at first which increases rapidly as you type more and more and the AI adapts to your typing style.

SwiftKey X has two modes, ‘Rapid’ and ‘Precise’. Now, the developers say that Rapid mode is for fast typers who wouldn’t really rely on the next word suggestions but rely on auto correct instead i.e. the functionality which is similar to that of a normal keyboard. The other mode i.e. Precise mode is for slow typers or who would rely on the suggestions and type less. Precise mode is what they claim to be the original SwiftKey X mode for the main idea behind the application is to provide the user with apt suggestions that will reduce his or her letter taps and thus saves time as well. Hence, the application is immense for users who aren’t really the type racers or extremely fast typers but will most definitely help those who are the slow typers and would rather use suggestions to do the work for them. 

Now, coming to the feature that we loved the most about SwiftKey X – themes! Yes, SwiftKey X comes with a number of themes and hence we love it! There are three themes available at the moment but we expect that to increase soon enough as the developers promise to release a theme API soon. 

That’s pretty much about it! SwiftKey X is arguably the best replacement keyboard for your Android Device for it takes away the lag if there is, works on suggestions which makes it easier for the slow typists and hence reduces the time of typing. The fast typists, well, all that is here is that you won’t get a lag. If your default keyboard doesn’t gives you any lag then you can pretty much let this one pass. 

SwiftKey X is both free to try and the full version can be bought from Google Play here.


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