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Portal 2 Reviewed

portal 2 Game: Portal 2 Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS) Developer: Valve Release Date: April 19, 2011 When Portal released in 2007 it took the FPS experience to a whole new level. This was was nothing like other FPSs. Most other FPSs give you an arsenal of guns and equipments which you have to use to kill […] Continue reading →

Two Letters to Die for

love_letter Okay even though this post isn’t an original (if it were this would have been last piece of work ever) but I will still post it for these are two letters I would die for….. Both of them are from a television series which goes by the name californication…. Here it goes.   The first […] Continue reading →

Those who have no one, have God!

gift-from-god The topic has been seldom discussed by men who were wiser than I am or I am ever going to be. Another thing I heard was, “Adversity comes to those who God believes can handle it.” It’s His way of testing you so one should grab it with both hands. Not speaking much on the topic, […] Continue reading →